ADP Securtime

StencilJS, AngularJS, CSS

ADP acquired Securtime, an Attendance and Leave Tracking platform with options for biometric and mobile check-ins. Securtime’s hierarchical system reflected organizational structures, with varying access levels for employees and managers.

The Problem

ADP found the application needed enhancements in user experience, modernization, and alignment with ADP OneUX standards. Clients struggled with inconsistent visual elements, limited accessibility, and a lack of optimization for different devices and screen sizes.

Our Solution

ADP partnered with Byteridge to enhance their application, focusing on UI modernization and ADP OneUX standards alignment. Byteridge used Stencil JS to build optimized, scalable, and integrable Web Components. They created components handling API responses and One UX patterns. The collaboration aimed to deliver a future-proof, user-friendly application. Key goals were improved user experience with simplified navigation, a unified design language, enhanced accessibility features, and increased UI interactivity through animations and micro-interactions, ensuring a consistent, engaging, and inclusive platform for all users.

The Impact

Byteridge has effectively improved the Securtime UI to meet ADP’s OneUX component standards, delivering users a more intuitive and visually appealing interface. This project underscores the significance of user-centered design principles and iterative development in achieving business goals and enhancing customer satisfaction.