Youth4Jobs’ “SwarajAbility” platform tackles unemployment challenges faced by people with disabilities (PwDs) by leveraging the Unique Disability ID (UDID) system. This case study explores how the platform authenticates candidates’ disability details, offers multi-language support, provides personalized job recommendations, includes accessibility features, and facilitates NGO candidate onboarding through bulk upload functionality, significantly improving their employability. 

The Problem

In India, 80% of PwDs face unemployment or underemployment, with traditional job platforms failing to consider their specific needs. Employers struggle with misconceptions and lack of reliable connections to qualified PwD candidates, while governments and organizations lack integrated systems to verify disabilities and provide targeted support.

Our Solution

Byteridge developed the SwarajAbility platform with key features to address these challenges: 

Multi-Language Support: Ensures inclusivity and accessibility by allowing users to navigate the platform in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers, and enhancing usability. 

UDID Integration: Enables candidates to enter their UDID number during registration, verifying this information with the UDID system to authenticate disability details and ensure transparent candidate profiles. 

Personalized Job Recommendations: Utilizes UDID-verified disability information, qualifications, job location preferences, and skills to provide tailored job recommendations, significantly increasing suitable employment matches. 

Accessibility Features: Ensures the platform is user-friendly for candidates with various disabilities through features like screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, adjustable text sizes, and color contrast options. 

NGO Candidate Onboarding: Supports NGOs in onboarding multiple candidates simultaneously through bulk upload functionality, streamlining the registration process, and efficiently integrating candidate data. 

The Impact

With the SwarajAbility platform, Youth4jobs significantly enhances the employability of PwDs by integrating UDID authentication and personalized job recommendations, considering disabilities, qualifications, and location preferences. The platform provides employers access to a diverse talent pool, everaging verified data to match candidates accurately. Enhanced government collaboration through UDID integration ensures the authenticate of the disability details for PwDs. Leveraging advanced technology, streamlined NGO operations, and enhanced accessibility features, SwarajAbility fosters inclusivity, benefiting employers and helping with the right opportunities for people with disabilities.