BanterX | Bot, Node, Angular, AWS SQS, Redis Cache

BanterX, a web-based self-serve advertisement platform enabling brand marketers to communicate contextually relevant information about their products and services to consumers, in a conversation/AI format, through 3rd party conversational agents/bots across various platforms.

The Problem

Client needed a partner to build the platform which would enable setting up and managing digital marketing campaigns for the brand marketers at various stages of the marketing funnel.

Our Solution

Byteridge built a full-fledged AD platform involving multiple components using technology such as, Node-RED, Angular 6, Docker, AWS SQS, Redis Cache, NPM along with a customized dialog builder functionality that offers a friendly way to build a questionnaire for conversational bots.

The Impact

Node Red and Strapi framework facilitated the quick delivery of the project. Team was able to quickly build the initial version, which helped client to onboard the brand marketers in the bound time frame.