Case Studies - Application Modernisation

Byteridge helps enterprises modernize their legacy/client-server applications by building new generation software solutions on the cloud.

ADP Securtime

StencilJS, AngularJS, CSS

ADP acquired Securtime, an Attendance and Leave Tracking platform with options for biometric and mobile check-ins. Securtime’s hierarchical system reflected organizational structures, with varying access levels for employees and managers.


Youth4Jobs’ “SwarajAbility” platform tackles unemployment challenges faced by people with disabilities (PwDs) by leveraging the Unique Disability ID (UDID) system. This case study explores how the platform authenticates candidates’ disability details, offers multi-language support, provides personalized job recommendations, includes accessibility features, and facilitates NGO candidate onboarding through bulk upload functionality, significantly improving their employability. 

CCMR3 – Collectlogic

React.js, Dotnet, Node.js., SQL Server, Hangfire (Dotnet based), Choice and USA-EPay, DocuSign, IDI and Renkim

CCMR3 is a prominent financial services company specializing in debt collection and financial management solutions. With a commitment to innovative practices, cutting-edge technologies, and personalized solutions, their goal is to cultivate a forward-thinking environment centred around people.

Valley Proteins, Inc.

Blue | .NET MVC, WebAPI, SAP Crystal Reports

Valley Proteins required a revamp of their existing desktop based (VB) CRM system for their sales team who enter lead/sales data. Existing system was built over a long period with tight coupling between application and data layer.

The system was unable to deliver reports due to the database design which was not normalised. Also the application was only accessible through a VPN, making it difficult to track leads in real-time.