Case Studies - Startups

In the past 15 years +, Byteridge has developed end to end solutions in the start up ecosystem. Some of our key solutions have been game changers in the industry, for e.g., in the mobility space we had a unique solution for Prydo. Some other key clients in this space were Harvesting, Wozart, IfUiWill, Magicflix.


Prydo | iOS, Android, Pubnub, MongoDB, AWS

A new ride hailing app which competes with Uber and Ola. The app provides unique ride features like Bulk Ride & Assured Ride along with On Demand Ride. With a wide range of services that suit your every need and requirement, Prydo has been built with the expertise to provide one with safe and cost-effective cabs.


Harvesting | .NET Core, Angular, node.js

Harvesting product leverages global agro-climatic data intelligence to understand, reduce and manage your business risks and improve outcomes.

Client needed a partner to build end-to-end product which provided real-time insights, intuitive dashboards with hard data and provide global intelligence for local action.


Aura | UX, Android, IoT

Aura is Wozart’s home automation product line. With voice control, location-based control and OS-level integration, Aura is a future-proof product range with the best and most reliable security systems in place. Aura’s minimalistic design makes installation of products easy and hassle-free.

Sunny Day Fund

Sunny Day Fund | Angular, Node.js, Strapi, AWS

Sunny Day Fund is a software-based financial engine that strives to improve financial wellbeing, working with employers to support employees. Sunny Day Fund partners with outside banks to deposit funds in FDIC-insured savings accounts and CDs at higher-than-market interest rates (APYs depend on rates offered by partner bank and may be changed based on external factors).


ifUiWill | Reactnative, GraphDB, Node.js, Jasmine

IFUIWILL is a social networking application which let the user to invite, share, create challenges. This is a two-way activity application where the user creates a challenge with some terms for IFU (IFU pour the Ice Bucket) and IWILL (IWILL will pour hot water). There is a verification system where in participants can chose to approve or deny a post. For those who finishes the challenge successfully, will get awarded by badges. Users can browse, search and comment on challenges.


BanterX | Bot, Node, Angular, AWS SQS, Redis Cache

BanterX, a web-based self-serve advertisement platform enabling brand marketers to communicate contextually relevant information about their products and services to consumers, in a conversation/AI format, through 3rd party conversational agents/bots across various platforms.


Micfame | UI/UX

Micfame is a music app with two special features Karaoke and Original content. In Karaoke user will be able to sing on all top hit songs from all over the world. In original section you will find songs by individual artists which are not available on any other platform.

ALLin App

Trend Tiger | Android, iOS, SignalR

ALLin is a Real-Time Multiplayer Ed-Trivia Game hosts the Content Across Multiple Categories like Academic Games, Engineering Games, Management Games, Entrance Exam Topics, Technology Games, Sports Topics, General Knowledge.


BarWars | iOS, Node.js

BarWars is a social competition League that run with invited number of players on selected locations. The players are awarded with points when they visit the pre-selected locations of the league. Those who socialize more by visiting a greater number of location by the end of league get more points are awarded as winner of best socializer.

Magicflix Inc

Watchables | Android, iOS, Fingerprint SDK, Azure

MagikFlix in partnership with Fingerprint wanted to develop mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms integrated with the Fingerprint SDK.

Byteridge was asked to create native applications on Android and iOS which would integrate with the Fingerprint SDK and white-label Azure web-service