Arre Voice

U Digital | Flutter, React, Node, Arango DB and AWS​

Project Voice is a women first audio sharing – social media platform allowing users to create magical “voice pods” for users to engage with and allow an immersive democratized live “Jam Pod” capability to share thoughts on topics of interest. In addition, providing the ability to enable “Her” economy.

The Problem

Build a Women first platform for women and allies to create, edit, share audio pods. Making the users engage with each other in a seamless democratized live audio only conferencing. Users can list their services and communicate within the same platform with each other. In addition, social media angle to follow, see activity and save audio bytes posted.

Our Solution

Byteridge helped in building the Project Voice Mobile Application which was easy-to-use app that supports both iOS and Android. Engaged with opensource audio editing solutions to meet the usecases defined for development.

The Impact

Team was able to quickly build the initial version with the audio editing and streaming functionality, which helped the client to start a pilot with preidentified influencers. With over 100 well known and budding influencers to contribute and invite users to the platform.