Flutter, Node.Js , Postgresql, Kubernetes, Github, VM on AWS

It serves as digital backbone for properties or hotels that hosts smart devices. It enables owners, managers and staff of various entities in the hospitality sector to monitor, manage, secure and automate their digital infrastructure.

The Problem

The hospitality industry lacked a reliable platform that could offer robust property access, security and a dedicated focus on guest satisfaction.

Our Solution

Facilitated a unified perspective for managers and staff by encompassing the entire digital infrastructure and empowering them with comprehensive control. Fostered collaboration among owners, managers & staff and instilled a heightened sense of security and usability, whether operating within a single property or across multiple locations in a portfolio.

The Impact

An IoT platform that is able to power IoT and IoT enabled devices, integrated with SmartThings cloud and other downstream integrations with Cloudbeds, Stayflexi and Schlage which offers heightened flexibility in reservation management. The platform is paired with a mobile app available on Android and iOS andvv empowers owners and managers with enhanced control over their properties, effectively preventing conflicts and security concerns through the implementation of Guest and Staff Lock code modules.