ifUiWill | Reactnative, GraphDB, Node.js, Jasmine

IFUIWILL is a social networking application which let the user to invite, share, create challenges. This is a two-way activity application where the user creates a challenge with some terms for IFU (IFU pour the Ice Bucket) and IWILL (IWILL will pour hot water). There is a verification system where in participants can chose to approve or deny a post. For those who finishes the challenge successfully, will get awarded by badges. Users can browse, search and comment on challenges.

The Problem

Client needed a cross platform mobile application to help people activate a community for their cause and play with others by either challenging or reaching their goals. The app will help the users to keep track of their commitments and find people who share their goals, interests, and sense of accomplishment.

Our Solution

Byteridge built a hybrid mobile application using the ReactNative, ReactJS, NodeJS and GraphDB. The application developed helps people in creating their goals as challenges & a way to keep track of them. The app enables users to create challenges either publicly or privately. Application helps users to commit, engage & transform themselves by meeting their goals. Byteridge used GraphDB to make the application performance & future proof to keep it flexible enough for future growth.

The Impact

ifUiWill is live on both AppStore & PlayStore. Customer ran the onboarding and signups with the identified target audience like NGOs successfully and received encouraging feedback and repeat use.