Sunny Day Fund

Sunny Day Fund | Angular, Node.js, Strapi, AWS

Sunny Day Fund is a software-based financial engine that strives to improve financial wellbeing, working with employers to support employees. Sunny Day Fund partners with outside banks to deposit funds in FDIC-insured savings accounts and CDs at higher-than-market interest rates (APYs depend on rates offered by partner bank and may be changed based on external factors).

The Problem

Sunny Day Fundis an employer-sponsored emergency and personal savings program. Customer wanted to build a platform which made saving easy, accessible, and rewarding for both employees & employers.

Our Solution

Byteridge built the web portals’ that enables employers,employees to onboard the system and manage their savings. This helped the employees setting up their financial goals & withdrawals. Portal for employers help them managing their employees and their contributions. The solution was built on Angular, NodeJS, Strapi and deployed on AWS.

The Impact

Sunny Day Fund is able to help the companies using their service to empower their employees financial well being.