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We not only work, but we also grow together stronger.

BFS has emerged by an idea of educating workmates around us both into technology and non-technology aspects of life. Whether is it about the new technology in the industry or about strategies to efficiently work from home. This comprises of everything which helps in growth of any individual. It started with a small group of 4 organizers which over periods increased by 10. Initially it took 2-3 weeks’ time to ramp up the whole program, but eventually we could see the numbers of participants growing. The charm which we see on Friday clamming to be the last working day of the week, so this was one of the reasons which made this more special.

We started BFS Late 2019, and had a lot of fun during the activity, as we had people presenting projects they are working on, or any new technology they wanted us to know. Over from there we had a fun activity where we had a game a week like Tambola, Pictionary, guess the word, logo puzzle and antakshari with our super singers. Generally, people do leave early on Fridays, but with such fun we were all enjoying our Friday’s.

Apart from byteridge presenters we also had people from industry visiting us and sharing many new happenings out there in the industry. We had people joining us from various places just to make sure they do not miss this out. Eventually due to this global pandemic we had to go all virtually, but they always say, “If you have a will there is a way” and we made it virtually. During WFH mode also we have Friday social and this time with lot of more new stuff. This is a way where we are feeling connected remotely also, which is something positive.

Blog which are live on our social handling’s are results from BFS. We improved over and again by constant feedbacks from various group. This helped us covering the pits we had earlier and updating to newer versions. BFS main objective beyond all mentioned was to improve individuals with their lagging skills. We have started this right from asking everyone to mention the skills they are good at and also skills they wanted to work on, so basic of that we have planned our agenda and made sure that there should be improvement in those mention in the list.

We are all marching towards enhancing our skills for a better tomorrow. Really happy to be a part of this and yes, there is more to come from this.

Happy Learning!!