Case Studies - Cloud

Byteridge has worked on a series of cloud applications using .Net core, Angular, node.js, MongoDb, AWS, Kubernetes etc. Over the past 15 years, Byterdige has developed over 100+ web and mobile applications across various domains from Fintech, Mobility, Social to Entertainment industries.


Prydo | iOS, Android, Pubnub, MongoDB, AWS
A new ride hailing app which competes with Uber and Ola. The app provides unique ride features like Bulk Ride & Assured Ride along with On Demand Ride. With a wide range of services that suit your every need and requirement, Prydo has been built with the expertise to provide one with safe and cost-effective cabs.


Harvesting | .NET Core, Angular, node.js
Harvesting product leverages global agro-climatic data intelligence to understand, reduce and manage your business risks and improve outcomes.Client needed a partner to build end-to-end product which provided real-time insights, intuitive dashboards with hard data and provide global intelligence for local action.


Academia Accelerator | c#.NET, SQL, Angular
The client engages with students at top tier campuses across India for various brand building and talent connect activities. As part of the program, the Campus Connect team needed a platform which would enable students to interact with mentors in Organization. An additional feature required was the ability to host and conduct many large scale events and competitions over the course of the year across various campuses.


Smartmath | .NET, MongoDB, AngularJS, MathJax
Customer is renowned tutor helping kids master skills which help improve STEM skills. Customer wanted a ground up online portal for providing interactive math’s training to the students and thus teaching them various math’s concepts and tricks to easily solve any math problem. Admin should be able to create different question templates.


SingleFile | React, Python, AWS, PostgreSQL
SingleFile, a portfolio company of Techstars required a web-app for their team to file tax with local state.Byteridge was asked to create a responsive web app for iPad and desktops.


Flutter, Node.Js , Postgresql, Kubernetes, Github, VM on AWS
It serves as digital backbone for properties or hotels that hosts smart devices. It enables owners, managers and staff of various entities in the hospitality sector to monitor, manage, secure and automate their digital infrastructure.